There are over 2 million of us if you include all of the Richards, Ricks, and Riches. C'mon gang, come out of the closet and admit it, you're all a bunch of Dicks!

United we Dicks must stand! It's the only way we can change the image of our name. Imagine a world where Dick wasn't a name used in vain. Perhaps together we can popularize the use of another name for that purpose - like Peter! Changing our image and making Dick a name of respect rather than shame is a tall task, but I know that Dicks everywhere can get up for it. If your name is Dick, Richard, Rich, or Rick, and you're not a member of DOA, don't delay. Dicks of America wants you!

Even if you haven't had the pleasure of being referred to as a Dick your whole life, there may still be hope for you! Perhaps you are a Dick at heart or a Dick supporter? Well, if you think being a Dick is a four-letter word spelled C-O-O-L...then come on board! All you have to do is download our club card which will make you a Card-Carrying-Dick! Then YOU are prepared to 'Preserve, Promote, and Protect' the greatest name in the world. In Dick We Trust!
As an Upstanding Member, please

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4) Cover yourself in Dickwear for the world to see
So let's get started! Download and print your own Dicks of America club card and memorize Our Creed:
You gotta be a Moose to be in the Moose Lodge
You gotta be an Elk to be in the Elk's Lodge
But a Dick can hang out anywhere!
Welcome to Dicks of America!
A Message From DOA President
Dick Powers
Founded in 1986, Dicks of America is an organization dedicated to making Dick the most beloved name in America - if not the world!

The name Dick has become a four-letter-word that also refers to a very familiar part of the male anatomy. Why, it's enough to get a Dick down! I think that it has forced many of us into hiding.